Digitization and Cloud Enablement goes hand in hand. While Cloud offers very compelling business ROI, it is often rushed into without proper due diligence. Jade Global offers a comprehensive assessment strategy to include all aspects of Cloud implementation to eliminate or reduce any uncertainty and prepare your organization to successfully move to Cloud. At the end of this assessment you will have a practical path which will be most suitable for you and aligned to your business goals.


Roadmap Services

Be it a cloud, hybrid, or upgrade, your organization will review the your core business needs as a primary driver along with number of additional factors including consolidation of business applications and reduction of the total cost of ownership. Not all the products in Oracle Cloud are at the same level of maturity, we will understand your footprint as it relates to cloud applications and integrations to build an actionable roadmap.

POC and Demo Services

Business and IT users want to see things in action before believing. We work in partnership with Oracle to bring in the demos both canned and tailored to your needs.

Technical Architecture

End state of your final solution design and intermediate states are critical to visualize and architect to ensure that solution will work, and it provides minimal redundancy in the business processes and throwaway integrations. Technical architecture will constitute your applications, integrations, reporting and customizations needs.

Operational Readiness

Cloud may introduce some element of fear and uncertainty for some of the roles in the organization, it is important to recognize and confront this early before it start derailing the initiative. There are lot of roles which can be easily repurposed to Cloud including application administrators, technical team members and business analysts as long as team is open and see this as a great opportunity. Jade will work together with the client to build a comprehensive operational readiness strategy including change management and training strategy.

Application Mapping and Sizing

In order to see the right end state, we will map the business applications required in cloud and also help with the sizing the PAAS applications including connections, CPUs etc., with the help of Oracle to determine the right subscription pricing.


As long as you are upgrading your on-prem solution and looking to implement anything new, you may consider Oracle Cloud solutions or look at the Cloud First Strategy as many of the leading organizations have already strated.

Oracle Cloud products have matured significantly and continue to add more functionalities with each release. All new releases and new capabilities are included in your subscription. This is an approriate time for you to perform a thorough assessment of your needs. Most companies are excited because of benefits of process standardization and lower infrastruture costs. Oracle Cloud has many advanced capabilities including reporting, AI, a modern user experience and several integrated applications including Planning and PLM.

Jade Global can cut the time, risk and money involved in upgrading to Oracle Coud with our Cloud 360 Assessment. Our Oracle SMEs, with expertise both on Oracle EBS and Cloud, drive workshops and interviews with different stakeholders. We use our toolkits including Propero, to evaluate your Oracle EBS environment including current set of modules and customizations implemented. We have several templates if you are on some other ERP Solution including Peoplesoft or JD Edwards.

We will perform compregensive assessment covering all the tracks including – End State View, Business Processes, Oracle Cloud Products assoicated, Technical Architecture, Reporting Considerations, Customization/Extensions, and Cloud Operational Readiness.

We will deploy 4 step assessment approach – Initiate, Discovery, Validate and Deliver

We will leverage knowledge of existing footprint to drive thoughtful considerations and collaborate with client’s Business and IT to align with objectives

We’ll produce a detailed report indicating your organization’s core business requirements and how cloud path will meet your requirements. The implementation path will be broken down into multiple phases to ensure quicker ROIs and avoid disruptive “big bang” approaches whenever possible.

Oracle Platinum Partner Certified Oracle Cloud Select Partner and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) Certified

  • Over 300 Oracle consultants throughout North America

  • 40+ Oracle Cloud Implementations and 80+ Oracle Upgrades.

  • Expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Professional Services industries.

Why should you choose Jade Global?

  • Invest in a solid foundation to mitigate any cost and timeline risks

  • Eliminate uncertainty in your cloud migration

  • Subject matter experts with several years of cloud experience driving assessment projects.

  • Best practices in roadmap development without adding too many redundant business processes and steps

  • Proven assessment and implementation methodologies

  • Prebuild automated solutions to aid in assessment to keep it a fact-based approach

Case Studies

  • Hi Tech Clean energy company moving from Oracle EBS, Manual planning and several custom solutions to Oracle Cloud Financials, Procurement, Supply Chain, Projects and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, Platform as a Service, Oracle Integration Cloud and SOA.

  • Leading Midwest Retail and Distribution organization moving to Oracle Cloud Financials, Procurement, Projects and HCM from EBS and many custom and legacy applications.

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