With so many options with varying success stories, it may be confusing, challenging and risky to plan your next steps to build a robust roadmap for your organization. Having done several Oracle Cloud projects including Financials, HCM, SCM, EPM, PPM and PAAS, Jade is now masters in Oracle Cloud and on-prem solutions. Jade Global has specifically designed a program to identify a path that is fully practical and risk averse at the same time will deliver ROI at express speed for you.


Integrated Roadmap

Our assessment will create a roadmap implementing different set of Oracle Cloud applications. You will understand the recommended sequence, integrations, dependencies, risks and benefits and impact on people and processes.

ROI Focus

While it is great to have a latest greatest technology solution, but it may not provide the required return on investment. Jade Global will provide detailed ROI based business case to help your organization make more informed decisions.

Fear Factor

Not many professionals would have ever thought to see another major ERP in their professional life, hence the change is immense for both users and IT organization. All our Jade and other leading SIs have not only retrained their staff but we at Jade has perfected that art. We will help you drive this change more empathetically and pragmatically for your organization.


With CEI certification, 19 plus Oracle Specializations, and large number of certified and experienced Oracle Cloud consultants Jade will be perfect choice for you to drive the assessment and more importantly all the implementation initiatives.

In today’s environment with technologies changing so rapidly and new products becoming available it will be overwhelming to take a decision which is right for their organization. At Jade, we understand it and with our business model of long term trusted partnership focus on our customers we take pride of providing right advise all the time.

Our advisory service is a great fit for any organization of any size. The only variable will be time.

Our offering is tailored to companies looking for the right advise to migrate to Oracle Cloud taking into the account of their IT footprint including their business processes, applications, long term reporting strategy, user security and change management.

We will map out your business processes with Oracle Cloud offerings and will provide the clear mapping with the applications and their level of maturity in Cloud and risks/mitigations for your company.

We bring in the prebuild mappings, process knowledge, prebuild demos and many other accelerators along with experts from non-Oracle technologies to drive this assessment at truly express speed without making you feel rushed.

Even though we have accelerated speed, we still keep the process iterative and make sure the final assessment report is aligned with your environment.

Oracle Platinum Partner, Certified Oracle Cloud Select Partner and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) certified

  • Over 300 Oracle consultants throughout North America

  • 100 Oracle Implementations and 30 plus Oracle Cloud Implementations across ERP, EPM, SCM, HCM and PAAS applications

Jade Global tested solutions and automation tools and offerings

  • Xenon Test Automation Framework

  • Jade Oracle Cloud Migrator (OCM)

  • Jade Cloud Implementation Methodology

  • Jade Cloud PLM solutions for Hi-Tech and Retail customers

Why should you choose Jade Global?

  • Make a strong business case understanding the benefits, risks and ROI for migration to the Oracle Cloud

  • Get a tailored roadmap for your organization

  • Align your Cloud Roadmap with business objectives

  • Understand change management and operational readiness effort requirements

Case Studies

  • SUMEC – Build accelerated implementation of moving 4 business units into Cloud successfully fully aligned with their business objectives.

  • Bloom Energy - Leading Clean Energy company organization moving to Oracle Cloud through single big-bang approach but with multiple waves mapping with product maturity.

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