Whatever your business objectives are for R12 Upgrade – Drive business transformation or perform technical upgrade. Jade Global has all the experience and tools to upgrade.


Right Upgrade Path

Depending on your current EBS Version Jade will work with you to define the right path for you to get to the most current version which will work for you.

Reduce Cost

Upgrade is a great opportunity to evaluate how current you EBS environment is with respect to your business needs. We would review the cost in two major aspects.

Automated Solution

Jade Global has unique upgrade solution called Propero which reduces the overall upgrade effort and cost up to 40%.


Jade Global certified and experienced Oracle EBS consultants will provide the world class solutions and hand hold your upgrade project.

There are multiple options available to get to the latest version and there are general pros and cons available for each of the options. With our expertise and experience with several upgrades, implementations and cloud implementations we can help you drive right solution for you.

Parameter Re-implement EBS or Oracle Cloud Functional Upgrade Technical Upgrade
Major Objective Business Transformation, Process Redesign, Systems Consolidation, Restructure Chart of accounts, Data Cleanups functionalities Limited Process Redesign, Limited Changes in Chart of Accounts, Limited new functionalities Only mandatory business process changes
Business Value Best Good Low
Data Cleanup Good Low Low
Business Change Management Low Good Best
Long Production Downtime Good Low Low
Effort and Project Timelines Low Good Best
Business Users Involvement Low Good Best
Historical Data Availability Low Good Good
Implement New Features/Modules Best Good Low

Our upgrade methodology is focused on functional and technical upgrades with a proven and repeatable framework with the three major focus areas:

  • Functional and Business Users Focus Area covers the features and functionalities relevant for your business needs: There are many new features in R12 and it is often times confusing for the business users to understand these. With PROPERO solution and Jade Global’s expers, users can now view a concise list of all the features, functionalities and changes in R12 segregated by module and track.
  • Technical Focus Area covers the customizations, retrofitting and new features like online patching.
  • Change Management: Structured change management process will ultimately drive user adoption and acceptance is critical for implementation success.

We bring in our automation solutions including

  • Propero – R12 Upgrade solution (We should provide the link to Propero solution)
  • Automation Toolkit: This is repository of multiple reusable automations to help you improve users productivity by eliminating manual tasks
  • Test Automation

With lot of Oracle EBS products going to the sustaining move of support. It is important to plan ahead and be prepared with the right plan of action.

Oracle Platinum Partner Certified Oracle Cloud Select Partner and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) Certified

  • 80+ Oracle Upgrade projects.

  • Oracle Platinum Partner.

  • Over 300 Oracle consultants throughout North America and India Office Jade Global tested solutions and automation tools and offerings.

Why should you choose Jade Global?

  • Reduce your R12 Upgrade Cost up to 40%.

  • Leverage Jade Global comprehensive services Upgrade Value Assessment

  • Highly discounted EBS Upgrade new Feature and Functionality workshop to help drive understanding on why you should upgrade.

Case Studies

  • Drove successful R12 Upgrade for leading garment manufacturing and marketing organization from a highly custom EBS footprint.

  • Leading semicon organization successfully moved to EBS R12 from 11i.

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