There are two main reasons for an upgrade. First, to take advantage of the new features available in the most recent software releases. Second, support may be ending for your current version. You may also face multiple functional and technical challenges in the current database version.


Jade has experience in EBS Upgrades with over 100 upgrades Jade also has over 30 Cloud Implementations. We are one of the 1st Oracle Partners to take an EBS Customer to Oracle Cloud successfully and drove significant ROI within 1st year of go-live.

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Why choose Oracle Cloud?

Most companies are now adopting a “Cloud first” strategy because of benefits of process standardization and lower infrastructure costs. Oracle Cloud has many advanced capabilities including reporting, AI, a modern user experience and several integrated applications including Planning and PLM.

Oracle Cloud products have matured significantly and continue to add more functionalities with each release. All new releases and new capabilities are included in your subscription.There may be an opportunity to add new functions or retire old applications and integrations because of functionality that is now part of an Oracle Cloud module.

Planning & Logistics

Run ProperoTM(2-4 hrs In most cases)

EBS Upgrade Vs Oracle Cloud Assesment

Business Value Roadmap(BVR)

Finalize Implementation Path

Why choose Oracle Cloud?

Jade Global can cut the time, risk and money involved in upgrading to Oracle Cloud with our Cloud Business Value Roadmap (BVR). Our Oracle Subject Matter Eperts (SMEs), with expertise both on Oracle EBS and Cloud, drive workshops and interviews with stakeholders. We use our toolkits including Propero, to produce an R12 Upgrade assessment. We’ll show you the effort required for the upgrade and value you can expect. We’ll produce a detailed report indicating your organization’s core business requirements and how both the upgrade and the cloud path will meet your requirements. The implementation path will be broken down into multiple phases to ensure quicker ROIs and avoid disruptive “big bang” approaches whenever possible


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